Specialty Ink

The days of one-ink-fits-all are a product of yesteryear, and today, a comprehensive range of specialty inks are available to project precisely the right look for your custom apparel, as well as many of the graphic t-shirts we make here at Guerrilla Tees. 

Whether you’re new to custom apparel or a seasoned pro, here are just a few of the options we offer when it comes to choosing the ink that most accurately reflects your creative vision.

Glow In The Dark Ink

Just as the name implies, Glow in the Dark ink glows, and utilizes a specialized two-part process that begins with a solid white base. Once flash-dried, an innovative high-intensity ink is added to yield an unmistakably bright effect.

Puff Ink

For those looking to give their custom shirts and apparel a more pronounced, raised appearance, puff ink is an excellent choice. It’s more dense in composition, and produces a puffy effect after flash-drying completes.

High Density Ink

For custom apparel jobs featuring extreme detail, as well as those imparting a more three-dimensional looks, high-density ink are the industry go-to. Crisp, clear lines and sharp edges reveal the deep details of your design.

Liquid Metallic Ink

Liquid Metallic inks are best suited for apparel applications seeking a shiny, foil appearance. The most common themes are gold and silver, though many options exists. Perfect for giving your apparel a bit of unmistakable bling.

Discharge Ink

Ever wonder why some graphic tees have a soft, utterly seamless look and feel? It’s not magic, it’s discharge ink. The unique molecular structure results in a soft, almost unnoticeable graphic design that looks and feels amazing.

Vintage Ink

Slightly aged in appearance but never outdated, vintage ink is ideal for throwbacks, vintage graphic t-shirts, trucker caps, and a diverse array of others. It’s uniquely formulated to retain a clean, slightly crackled look over time.

Foil Ink

Need a way to unleash shiny, high-gloss graphics on your shirts and printed apparel? Foil ink utilizes a unique screen printing process that produces an unmistakably slick, metallic appearance that’s highly visible and stylish.

Shimmer Ink

Similar in concept to traditional Foil Ink, shimmer ink adds a glittery element to a wide range of printed custom apparel. It’s perfect for those who are really looking to make a statement, and can be applied to many custom fabric prints.

Stretch Ink

Ideal for screen printing projects using Spandex, Lycra and other more elastic fabrics, stretch ink is uniquely formulated to impart a clean, eye-catching appearance that stretches with the material to prevent cracking and fading.

Fashion Soft Ink

While it’s become a popular way to print graphics on designer garments and more delicate fabrics, fashion soft ink can be incorporated into a wide range of print jobs. Like the name implies, it produces a lighter, softer finish.

Clear / Gel Coat

Don’t think of gelcoat as a specialty ink, per se, but rather a way to enhance the vibrancy of other custom applications. When added to inks like puff, high density and glow, it imparts an incredibly shiny, almost wet appearance.

From charities and corporations to social groups and local athletic leagues, Guerrilla Tees is honored to be one of the country’s leading and most trusted providers of custom printed apparel and t-shirts. To brainstorm, get answers or discuss your project with one of our expert designers, get in touch by phone or email and we’ll be happy to get you started.


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