Your friends at Guerrilla Tees love Phish just as much as you do, and it’s actually one of the main reasons we went in to business making graphic tees!  Today, we’re proud to offer one of the best collections of Phish mashup shirts, parody tees and song-inspired graphic shirt designs.  Here are 10 of our personal and fan favorite Phish graphic tees!  


Phish Wombat T-shirtPhish Wombat T-shirt

With a black design featuring eye-catching yellow graphics that stands out in any crowd, our Phish Wombat shirt is an excellent great choice for wearing to shows and concerts, hanging out with your fellow fans or just kicking back to enjoy some of life’s more cuddly adventures.


Phish Rage Side T-shirtPhish Rage Side T-shirt

Whether you’re a fan who knows their way around the keys or looking for the perfect Phish gift idea, this is one graphic tee that’s guaranteed to become a go-to favorite. Our Phish Rage Side shirt comes in soft charcoal gray for a look that’s perfect in practically any causal setting.


Phish Sleeping Monkey T-shirtPhish Sleeping Monkey T-shirt

Our Phish Sleeping Monkey shirt features a stylish design and comes in an eye-catching green, for those seeking a change from the traditional black concert tee.  Treat yourself to a new look or give this one to the Phish fan who keeps you in good grooves.


Phish The Lizards T-shirtPhish The Lizards T-shirt

Onlookers won’t have any trouble making the connection when gazing upon this popular Phish graphic tee.  Our Phish Lizards shirt pays homage to one of the great bands of all time, while giving Phish fans a clever new addition to their graphic tee collection.


Phish Simple T-shirtPhish Simple T-shirt

Our Phish Simple shirt is perfect for keeping it low key while grooving out. This one comes in a bright royal blue with white lettering and the word Simple in a clean, stylish font. It makes a righteous addition to any graphic tee collection, and a great gift for Phish fans and music lovers.


Phish Llama T-shirtPhish Llama T-shirt

Does it get any better than playing with Legos while listening to Phish?  What better way to show your love for the world's grooviest jam band than with our Phish Llama shirt?  Designed in red with a parody logo, it’s perfect for making a playful statement at your next outing!


Phish Carini Lumpy T-shirtPhish Carini Lumpy T-shirt

If you love a frosty Corona as much as you love grooving to Phish, we’ve got just the graphic mashup tee for your collection.  Our Phish Carini Lumpy shirt comes in a stylish Heather Blue design with graphics reminiscent of the all too familiar Cerveza logo.  Don’t forget the limes!  


Phish Yem T-shirtPhish Yem T-shirt

Our Phish Yem shirt is designed in a parody of the BMW logo, and done in deep black with blue and white graphics.  It’s a superb choice for fans with a soft side for German auto engineering, and is sure to spark up lots of fun conversations at shows and festivals.


Phish Tweezer T-shirtPhish Tweezer T-shirt

Can you ever have too many Phish t-shirts in your closet?  We think not!  Our Phish Tweezer shirt comes in your choice of gray or brown with light blue lettering.  Wear it to concerts and show your ongoing support for the world's greatest jam band, or impress your fellow fans!


Phish First Tube T-shirtPhish First Tube T-shirt

Here’s a Phish mashup tee perfect for everyone from internet celebs to the casual fan.  Our Phish First Tube shirt comes in white with instantly recognizable black and red graphics, making it a clever choice for concerts, local shows, bars or any setting in need of some good vibes.


See Guerrilla Tees Complete Collection of Phish Graphic Tees!

While these are some of our favorite and most popular Phish t shirts, it’s just a sampling of what we offer.  Like we said, we’re big time fans and constantly adding new designs to keep you looking good.  Browse our entire inventory of music t-shirts and treat yourself to some new threads, or give the perfect gift for hardcore Phish fans!