Happy Oktoberfest ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the Guerrilla Tees funny tshirt blog. To celebrate this year's Oktoberfest, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite beer tshirts. There's some newcomers mixed in with some old favorites, but one thing's guaranteed, they're perfect for any beer drinking extravaganza you may have planned.

Not familiar with Oktoberfest? Then you should probably read up on the two week long folk festival held annually in Munich, Germany and celebrated worldwide. Whether you're traveling to Munich, heading out to a nearby city, or just staying at home, we've got something for you. So sit back, grab yourself an ice cold Sam Adam's Octoberfest and check out what Guerrilla tees has been brewing up this fall.

1. Drink Local Beer Shirt

Drink Local Beer Shirt

To kick things off we present you with something for everyone who's staying home to celebrate. Our Drink Local Beer Tshirt is perfect for anyone staying home and celebrating Oktoberfest in their own city. It all started with our home state of New York, but we've been sharing the love across the country from Massachusetts to California. We've also just released new shirts for both Wisconsin and our nation's capital, Washington DC. We encourage all Packers fans and Redskins fans to jump on board and support your team and your city.

2. Thirsty Thursday College Drinking Tshirt

Thirsty Thursday College Drinking Tshirt

Now if this one doesn't put you in a time machine then I don't know what will. Go back to your college days and relive all the Thursday night parties that led to hungover Friday AM classes. Our Thursday Thursday shirt is perfect for anyone who only has one night to party, but may need an extra weekend day to recover. Trying not to remember those painful Friday mornings? Well that's what the beer is for! 


3. Drink Craft Not Crap

Drink Craft Not Crap

Here's a shout out to all of you who are sick of the bud lights and other canned piss-water beers out there. Grab yourself a Sierra Nevada or a nice Hefeweizen and continue to buy craft, not crap. Find your favorite mix of hops and barley and be sure to test of everything your local beer festival has to offer. If craft beer isn't your thing, then maybe you could try buying your happiness in a different fashion.


4. Crystal Lake Pale Ale

Crystal Lake Pale Ale

To everyone traveling for this years festivities, whether it be to Munich or any nearby city, we've got one location you probably shouldn't check out first hand. Camp Crystal Lake is known for a few things, but I'm not sure their beer is one of them. Pick up one of these guys as a souvenir, while still keeping yourself a safe distance away from the park. Wear this one with pride, and feel like a bad ass when you tell everyone you survived the camp.


5. St Patrick's Day Guinness Shirt

St Patrick's Day Guinness Shirt

It's never too late for a good St Patrick's Day Tshirts, just like it's never too late for a Guinness. You could make an argument that it's never too early for the Guinness either, we won't argue with you. Kill two birds with one stone and grab your St Paddy's Day gear early, but be sure not to get too drunk and make a mess of it before then. 



Didn't see anything you cared too much for here? Don't worry about it, check out the rest of our Beer Drinking Tshirts and I'm sure we'll have something perfect for you. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out our Funny Tshirt blog. If you'd like to see more, or less of anything you've seen here, be sure to let us know directly by email. We'd be happy to hear from you.