Disc golf season is finally upon us, and we at Guerrilla Tees are just as excited as you to get out there and finally start throwing again!  Whether you’re adding to your disc golf wardrobe or shopping for someone who loves the game, here’s a six-pack mix of our favorite, newest and most popular disc golf t-shirts!

Zen Disc

Zen Disc t-shirtIf your time on the course is as much about meditation as it is about masterful throws, you’re sure to love our new Zen Disc t-shirt.  It comes in varsity gray with subtle black graphics, featuring the universal Zen symbol enveloping a disc basket tree.  It’s a must have for spiritually minded disc golfers who bring enlightenment to every round.


Disc Bird t-shirtDisc Bird

With its stunning graphics and clean, edgy design, the Disc Bird t-shirt is sure to keep any disc golf enthusiast looking good on or off the course.  It comes in six Heather colors and a soft comfy feel that’s perfect with jeans, shorts, khakis or whatever you’re rocking.  Wear it while dropping aces from afar or gift one to a friend!  


Spine Basket

Spine Basket t-shirtAs one of Guerrilla Tees newest and most popular disc golf graphic tees, the Spine Basket t-shirt is a simple yet effective way to unnerve any would-be opponents, and perfect for wearing during casual rounds, tournaments or pro competition.   It comes in varsity gray and features remarkably detailed graphics of a disc tree made entirely from bones and chain.   


Peace Love Disc Golf t-shirtPeace Love Disc Golf

If your idea of a happy place involves a disc golf course and nothing but trees and good weather on the horizon, the Peace Love Disc Golf t-shirt is an easy way to spread goodwill while looking chill in the process. It features a Heather design in three available colors, making it perfect for wearing during play or while sipping cold ones after an intense round. 


Disc Golf Stripper

Disc Golf Stripper t-shirtWhether you’re looking to heat things up on the course or simply distract your opponents, the Disc Golf Stripper t-shirt is ideal for anyone who’s looking to keep things more enticing during play.  It comes in a stylish Heather design and your choice of four colors, with lower left graphics featuring a disc tree, pole and dancer.


Basket Brain HoodieBasket Brain Hoodie

The Basket Brain Hoodie is a great choice for anyone looking to keep warm while out throwing disc on those chilly days. It comes in black with detailed X-ray graphics of skull and disc basket, making it perfect for wearing on the course or while hanging with your fellow disc enthusiasts.


See Guerrilla Tees Complete Line of Funny Disc Golf T-shirts!

When we say that we’re way into disc golf, we’re not exaggerating.  Guerrilla Tees has dozens of designs in our collection of disc-golf shirts, so be sure to check them out for more ideas.  Have an idea for a custom disc golf shirt for you or your group of friends?  Get in touch through our contact page!