There’s no such thing as having too many workout shirts, and we at Guerrilla Tees know how fun it can be to mix things up at the gym. So whether you’re looking to expand your fitness wardrobe, need an outlet for your unique sense of humor or shopping for the perfect gift, here are a few of our newest ladies workout shirts and graphic tees.


Ohm Women’s Tank TopIf your workouts are as much about maintaining inner peace as they are about keeping fit, you’ll love this new women’s tank-top. The Ohm women’s tank top from Guerrilla Tees comes in heather blue and features as stylish burnout design with the Ohm symbol in eye-catching white lettering. It’s perfect for wearing to the gym or while relaxing at home, and will makes a wonderful gift idea for your more spiritually-minded girlfriends.

Nope, Not Today

Nope Not Today Women’s Tank TopEven the best among us have days when we’d much rather not listen to the incoherent ramblings of others. Finally, an easy way to let the world know that you’re just not in the mood for any of it. The Nope Not Today women’s tank top features an attractive black burnout design with subtle white lettering, and a racerback design making it perfect for wearing to the gym, on your daily run or any place you decide to clear your head.  


Namast’ay in Bed

Namast’ay In Bed Women’s Tank TopClean lines, clever wordplay and a universally wise message make this tank top perfect for the gal who knows when it’s just time to chill. The Namast’ay In Bed women’s tank top from Guerrilla Tees comes features a royal blue burnout design, with a racerback cut for total comfort whether working out, working the remote or lounging around the house. Treat yourself to this playful ladies tanktop or give one as a gift to the girl who keeps you in good karma.

Inhale, Exhale…

Inhale Exhale Women’s Tank TopThis is just good advice inside or outside the gym, and we think it will make an awesome addition to your collection of inspirational workout shirts. The Inhale Exhale women’s tank top from Guerrilla Tees features a purple burnout design, racerback cut for comfort and elegantly modern lettering that’s guaranteed to garner a closer look. Wear it as a reminder to breathe during your runs and workouts, or just be comfy while relaxing with friends, family and other fitness enthusiasts. 


The Mountains Are Calling

The Mountains Are Calling Women’s T-ShirtHas it been too long since you’ve left the confines of city life, for some much needed time amongst fresh air, scenic views and cascading hilltops? If so, we think The Mountains Are Calling women’s t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees will serve as the perfect motivation!  This one features a light blue design with navy lettering and artwork, and the super comfy ladies cut that our shirts are known for. It’s perfect for wearing on hikes, around the house or just lounging after an insane day.  

Killin’ It

Killin’ It Women’s Tank TopNeed a little incentive to go all-out during your next workout or run? Or maybe you just feel like letting others know what’s up at the gym.  Whatever your intentions, you’ll look hardcore in the Killin’ It women’s tank top from Guerrilla Tees. It features a racerback cut with deep blue burnout design, and slasher lettering that needs no explanation. It’s sure to make a perfect addition to your rotation of workout shirts, and a great gift idea for the fitness minded!    


Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yoga Women’s T-ShirtWhether you’re searching for the Yoga shirt that defines you, or just need a unique idea for the karma-inspired gal in your life, the Yin Yoga women’s t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is a wonderful choice. Done in a rich purple color with white graphics and artwork, it features bold visuals that draw the eyes, and a classic women’s cut for both comfort and versatility. We think you’ll find it perfect for wearing at home, outdoors or while lost in deep meditation.



Need a little more inspiration in finding just the right shirt for your workouts? Guerrilla Tees has an awesome selection of women’s t-shirts and we’re always adding new ones. Bookmark us and come back soon to see what’s new!