If you’re as much of a fan as we at Guerrilla Tees are, you’ll understand why we’re so excited about doing a line of Stranger Things shirts.  From the funny and serious to the ironic and quotable, here are 7 of our newest Stranger Things graphic tee designs for men and women.

Palace Arcade t-shirt

 Palace Arcade T-ShirtThe Palace Arcade t-shirt is perfect for anyone who loves a good gaming session, as well as those fans just begging for the chance to beat Max’s mysteriously high score on Dig Dug. It comes in retro Heather blue with 80’s throwback graphics and text that reads Palace Arcade Hawkins Indiana.


Hawkins Indiana HoodieVisit Hawkins Indiana hoodie

Feel like rocking a Stranger Things shirt in light of the dropping temps? Break out the Visit Hawkins Indiana hoodie and you’re good to go!  Done in all black with eye-catching sunset orange graphics, this one is perfect for wearing to viewing parties, while traveling through the heartland or as a unique gift idea for any hardcore fan.


Friends Don’t Lie hoodie

Friends Don’t Lie HoodieIt’s one of the show’s most famed lines and all-around great advice to live by, so add the Friends Don’t Lie hoodie to your wardrobe and let the rest of the world know how real you keep it. This Stranger Things hoodie is perfect for any laid back social occasion and will keep you warm and toasty while binge watching on those chilly nights.    


Steve Hair Don’t Care T-ShirtSteve Hair Don’t Care t-shirt

You don’t have to be a Stranger Things fan to appreciate this super popular graphic tee, but it certainly doesn’t hurt, either.  The Steve Hair Don’t Care t-shirt is an excellent choice for anyone who truly loves the show, and shockingly appropriate for guys named Steve who are exceptionally proud of their hair.


Hawkins AV Club t-shirt

Hawkins AV Club T-ShirtAnyone who thinks that the AV club is just for nerds obviously never spent much time building Heath Kits and channeling lost friends.  So whether you’re an AV guru, a diehard fan of the show or just shopping unique gift ideas for Stranger Things aficionados, we think you’ll love the Hawkins AV Club t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees.


 Visit Hawkins Indiana T-ShirtVisit Hawkins Indiana t-shirt

Whether this is your first Stranger Things graphic tee or the most recent addition to your collection, the Visit Hawkins Indiana t-shirt is a must-have for any tried and true fan. And if you’re among those who are searching for unique Stranger Things gift ideas, this is one they’ll be more than happy to show off.


Friends Don’t Lie women’s t-shirt

Friends Don’t Lie Women’s T-ShirtFrom the subtle Stranger Things fan who’s looking to show some love, to the more sinister seeking clever ways to call out a friend who recently failed the BS test, there’s no shortage of fun times to be had with the Friends Don’t Lie women’s t-shirt!  It’s perfect for binge watching, wearing during break-ups or taking a polygraph.  We also have a Friends Don’t Lie shirt for men!

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