If you’re a musician… gig and tour season is just around the corner. And for you hardcore music fans, concert season will be kicking off just as soon. Regardless of which side of the musical spectrum you’re on, there’s no arguing the need to keep your look fresh while taking in the beats and grooves and everything else we love about music. Here are 7 of our favorite graphic tees for music fans and all the musicians who keep our ears happy!  

Guitar Tree

You don’t need to be a Les Paul owner to appreciate the new Guitar Tree t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees. It comes in silver with detailed, lower-left placed black graphics of an LP inspired solid body merging with its earthy surroundings.  It’s perfect for any music enthusiast and an awesome gift idea for musicians or guitarists.  


Feelin' Saxy

Whether you’re a fan of all things Jazz, shopping for the band or looking to gift the saxophone player who keeps you grooving, we know you’ll love our new Feelin’ Saxy t-shirt. It’s a smooth choice for any sax players or members of the brass section, featuring a super soft Heather Black design with yellow graphics that pop!


I’m a Huge Metal Fan

If you’re the metal fan with an equally intense sense of humor, the Huge Metal Fan t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is a must have for gigs, concerts and deep in the pit. It comes in a soft vintage black with bold gray graphics and a dangerous looking fan from a forgotten era. Wear it to shows, while jamming on stage or give one to your beloved head banger.


Save a Drum

This one continues to be a favorite among percussionists from every walk of life, for reasons that genuinely require no explanation.  The Guerrilla Tees Save a Drum Bang a Drummer t-shirt is guaranteed to make a perfect addition to the casual wardrobe of any drummer, and is perfect for any situation where there’s no shortage of high decibels.


Evolution of the Guitarist

From cave-dwelling beasts to fretboard shredding gods, it’s fun to look back on how far we’ve come in terms of guitar playing abilities. The Evolution of the Guitarist t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is a great choice for guitarists with a playful sense of wit, or anyone who treasures their tunes just as much as they do a good chuckle.


DaVinci Drummer

Need the perfect graphic tee for all those smart gigs? Searching unique or funny gift ideas for drummers? Guerrilla Tees has you covered. Our DaVinci Drummer t-shirt features the famed genius working his magic behind a solid 7-piece kit, making it perfect for everyone from noobs and hobbyists to professional musicians and their fans.    


Keep Calm and Jam On

From professional musicians and part-time players, to studio engineers and club owners, if music is your happy place, our Keep Calm and Jam On t-shirt is sure to become one of your go-favorites.  It comes in a deep black with the familiar white font, making it easy to read at a distance and perfect for jeans, shorts or rock star tights.   


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This is just a small sampling of our large collection of music graphic tees and hoodies. Be sure to check them out to see more designs, and be sure to come back often as we’re constantly updating our categories with new t-shirts!


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