Few things are as therapeutic as getting on the bike and taking in the trails, the hills and all that our beautiful land has to offer.  So if you’re the kind who loves to show the world how at home you are on two wheels, Guerrilla Tees has an awesome selection of funny cycling t-shirts.  Here are a few of our faves!

Good Day for a Ride

Good Day for a Ride t-shirtIs there ever really a bad day for a ride?  We think not!  Guerrilla Tees Good Day for a Ride t-shirt comes in Sport Gray with eye-catching black graphics and a tagless back for improved comfort in any setting. It’s great for wearing after riding hills or distance, while hanging with your fellow cyclists, or as a gift to anyone who prefers spending their free time on two wheels.


Cycologist t-shirtCycologist

Whether you're a competitive cyclist, an down-and-dirty mountain biker, or just doing your part to help reduce the collective carbon footprint, our Cycologist t-shirt is sure to keep you looking good on or off the bike.  It's perfect for wearing to races, talking bikes or while sipping a cold one after a ride.  Or gift one to a cyclist friend who loves some good wordplay!


Infinite MPG

Infinite MPG t-shirtThis might be one of the few cycling t-shirts that doesn't come plastered with the names of sponsors few have ever heard of. Our Infinite MPG t-shirt comes in either black or royal blue, and features a vintage line art graphic of a bicycle atop the Infinite MPH phrase. It's great for wearing after a ride or at cycling events, and makes a great gift for cyclists!


Bicycle Recycle t-shirtBicycle Recycle

Looking for a stylish way to show the world how much you care about Mother Earth while you roll? Our Bicycle Recycle t-shirt comes in a clean green with white font and line art, professionally screen printed to ensure a super comfortable and long-lasting fit. Fellow sustainable cyclists will be oohing and ahhing when they see you rolling up in this graphic tee!



Keep Calm and Pedal On

Keep Calm and Pedal On t-shirtOur Keep Calm and Pedal On t-shirt is so popular we make it available in five distinct colors! Designed especially for cyclists, mountain bikers and even the most causal rider, this classy yet funny cycling t-shirt is perfect for wearing at the bike shop, after a long treacherous ride or any place where you feel like showing off your passion for pedaling.



Bike is the New Black t-shirtBike is the New Black

Whether you’re the proud owner of a Penny-farthing or a distance rider with a sense of humor, our Bike is the New Black t-shirt is sure to inspire laughs and plenty of passing stares.  It comes in black or red with gold lettering and graphics, and will look great at the shop, at the bar or anywhere you feel like showing your love for bicycles throughout the ages!



Monkey on a Bike

Guerrilla Tees Monkey on a Bike t-shirtWho doesn't love a picture of a Chimpanzee riding a bicycle?  Now you can bring smiles and laughs everywhere you go with this hilarious Guerrilla Tees Monkey on a Bike t-shirt.  If you can think of a better conversation starter than a hardworking monkey bellhop riding a bike down a public street, we would love to hear it.



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