Looking for a way to give the guy in your life a hilarious gift that he will actually enjoy?  When you've exhausted your ability to give gifts that require in-depth knowledge of his hobbies, do what other savvy shoppers do… just give him a funny shirt!  Here are 7 new shirts from Guerrilla Tees that are sure to become favorites among the gents.

Very Good Building, Ron Swanson T-shirt

Very Good Building, Ron Swanson T-shirtIf you're the type who likes to convey the quality of your work without sounding too flashy, this is the shirt for you.  It features the logo of Ron Swanson's fictitious company, Very Good Building & Development Co, from the very awesome and now very retired show Parks and Recreation.  It's one of our newest TV graphic shirts in addition to being a favorite among fans.

Men's Bachelor Party T-shirt

Men's Bachelor Party T-shirtPlanning on doing some serious drinking for your buddy's upcoming bachelor party?  Well then, matching t-shirts is sure to make a big statement!  This one comes in all black with clean white graphics, and features the official Bachelor Party Drinking Team logo along with a picture of some soon-to-be poor, miserable sap in a rented Tux.  Best man, this one's on you!

James McGill, Better Call Saul T-shirt

James McGill, Better Call Saul T-shirtLong before hitting the big time with his $200 suits and slightly outdated Cadillac, New Mexico's favorite criminal attorney was known as James McGill.  Now you can show your love for Saul's new solo gig, or give one as a gift to those die-hard Breaking Bad fans in your life.  It's available in your choice of grey or white with a clean, professional looking font design.

Monkey with a Gun, Guerrilla Tees T-Shirt

Monkey with a Gun, Guerrilla Tees T-ShirtHere it is friends, the original Gun Monkey shirt from Guerrilla Tees!  As one of our flagship graphic tees (try to guess why), this uber-stylish funny t-shirt features a Chimpanzee holding a semi-automatic pistol and some rare, shameless branding on behalf of our marketing team.  It makes an excellent conversation starter at places like the zoo, children's birthday parties and anti-gun rallies.

Keep Calm Return Fire, Hunting T-shirt

Keep Calm Return Fire, Hunting T-shirtIt’s just good advice to have, should your day-to-day routine take an unexpectedly tense turn for the worst.  Our Keep Calm & Return Fire t-shirt will make an outstanding addition to the wardrobe of any true outdoorsman, firearms enthusiast or survivalist.  It comes in all black with a white font design, featuring that old familiar Keep Calm style that's become unmistakable in today's code.  Perfect for at the firing range, in the woods or while on your evening walk.

Bang a Drummer, Music T-shirt

Bang a Drummer, Music T-shirtWe have a feeling that this one is going to be a fast favorite among our percussionist friends; especially those with slightly warped senses of humor.  Our Save a Drum t-shirt features the phrase 'Save a Drum, Bang a Drummer' and comes in all black, in addition to featuring vintage graphics of a sweet 6-pc kit.  Wear it after the show and let your most dedicated fans know exactly where your priorities are.

Choose Your Weapon, Gamer T-shirt

Choose Your Weapon, Gamer T-shirt​Perfect for gamers old and young, here's a graphic gaming shirt that's sure to take onlookers on a trip down video game memory lane.  It comes in black with white screen-printed graphics, and features a bevy of joysticks and controllers dating back to the old Atari 2600 days.  Wear it while destroying your opponents or any time you're feeling a bit nostalgic.

Looking for more men's funny gift ideas?  Check out our section on Men's graphic tees to see other designs, in topics ranging from music and movies, to JDM racing, beer and bodybuilding.