St. Patrick’s Day is special for so many reasons, including the freedom to wear clothing that lets the world know just how much you appreciate an extended bender of booze and madness.  Here are 7 of our the most recent additions to our ever expanding line of funny St Patrick’s Day t-shirts!

Kiss Me I’m Drunk… I Mean Irish
Kiss Me I’m Drunk… I Mean Irish t-shirtWhile it’s always a little tricky finding just the right words after hours of celebrating the high Irish holiday, there’s no mistaking the message behind this funny St Patrick’s Day shirt.  The Kiss Me I’m Drunk… I Mean Irish t-shirt can do all of the talking for you, while keeping you looking the-part during this year’s festivities.


Who’s Your Paddy t-shirtWho's Your Paddy
An eye-catching Emerald green design with white graphics complements the subtly playful wordplay of this newest addition to our line of funny St Patrick’s Day graphic shirts.  The Who’s Your Paddy t-shirt comes in Emerald Green with lettering that’s unmistakably Irish through and through, making it perfect for anyone looking to impart just the right mix of class and cleverly suggestive dialogue.


Extremely Drunk
Irish I Were Drunk t-shirtLooking for an unobtrusive way to make even the most sober onlookers sound three-sheets-to-the-wind?  We’ve got the perfect St Patrick’s Day shirt for you.  The Irish I Were Drunk t-shirt unites a bit o’ carefully-crafted wordplay with smaller, secondary text that reads, Just Kidding… I’m actually extremely drunk.  Invite curious onlookers to try saying it without a slur to spark up fun conversations with friends new and old!


I Shamrock Shenanigans t-shirtShenanigans
Where’s the fun in not stirring things up while out embracing the most celebrated of all Irish holidays?  If you’re looking for something in-between subtle and self-explanatory, you can’t miss with the I Shamrock Shenanigans t-shirt.  It’s perfect for St Patrick’s Day gatherings of all stripes; from tame and traditional, to wild and what the F?  And, in the unfortunate event of you being detained, just imagine the mugshot.


Kiss Me, I’m Pretending to Be Irish
Kiss Me I’m Pretending To Be Irish t-shirtIn a society where far too many are okay with fibbing about their false Irish origins, this St Patrick’s Day shirt is as unique and funny as it is direct and genuine.  The Kiss Me I’m Pretending To Be Irish t-shirt will help you cut to the chase at parties, the bars, family gatherings and all sorts of other strange, drunken jaunts.  Get a smooch from that hottie with the pretty eyes, or gift a friend who’s in desperate need of some annual McLovin’.


0% Irish 100% Drunk t-shirt0% Irish 100% Drunk
It makes no difference whether you’re an accountant, a natural born wiz with numbers, or simply looking to keep it as real as possible this St Patrick’s Day, we’ve got just the graphic tee for those looking to get right to the heart of things.  The 0% Irish 100% Drunk t-shirt will look great while you’re getting schooled by bartenders on the legal precedence of last-call guidelines, and lining up behind a one-way mirror for identification purposes.


Pat McCrotch
Pat McCrotch t-shirtLooking to get right down to brass tacks at this year’s festivities, are ya then?  The Pat McCrotch t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is a must-have for the more direct drunk crowd, or anyone who hasn’t the time or temperance for small talk.  It’s a strange and conveniently effective way to let would-be suitors know what you bring to the big dance.


Need some more ideas on what to wear to this year’s parties and Irish celebrations?  Check out our complete collection of St Patrick’s Day t-shirts from your friends at Guerrilla Tees!