Whether you're looking for a new way to intimidate those lesser mortals at the gym, or gift shopping for that hard-to-buy for bodybuilder or powerlifter in your life, even the most moderate workout enthusiast is sure to enjoy and appreciate these seven hysterical (and somewhat offensive) weightlifting t-shirts from Guerrilla Tees.

Suns Out Guns Out T-shirt

Suns Out Guns Out T-shirtYou know the rule… when the sun comes out, the guns need to come out!  You've been training hard all winter long, now's the time to show off the results of all that effort and dedication.  The Suns Out Guns Out t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees comes in yellow with big, bold black font graphics.  It's perfect for beer gardens, showing off at the beach or while hanging at the gym after an intense arm workout.

Do You Even Life Bro?

Do You Even Life Bro T-ShirtNeed a subtle way to intimidate smaller and weaker gym goers?  We designed this funny weight lifting graphic tee especially for those who are not ashamed to let others know exactly where they stand.  Set on a super-soft black tee shirt with white graphics and a rugged, vintage font, it features a loaded barbell and the phrase Do You Even Lift?  Looking for other original bodybuilding gift ideas?  Don't forget to check out our complete line of Workout & Weightlifting t-shirts.

Keep Calm and Lift

Keep Calm and Lift T-ShirtHere's a weightlifting graphic tee that also offers some really practical advice.  Our Keep Calm and Lift shirt was designed especially for the bodybuilders and power lifters who take their training very seriously.  Available in your choice of black or blue, it features high-quality screen printed graphics in white, using the clean and highly-recognizable font that Keep Calm shirts are famous for.  Treat yourself to a new graphic tee, or surprise the strongman in your life with a gift they'll actually love!

Eat Sleep Lift

Eat Sleep Lift T-ShirtLiving the American dream and need a stylish way to express your outlook at the gym?  The Eat Sleep Gym t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is ideal for anyone who lives to train.  As one of our most popular funny weightlifting shirts, we make this one available in your choice of Royal blue, Black, Navy or Red.  It features a simple line art design using white lettering, made using professional screen printing and superior materials for added comfort.

99 Problems But a Bench Ain't One

99 Problems But a Bench Ain't One T-ShirtYou've earned that body, now it's time to have a little fun at the expense of those who lack your dedication.  This is a great shirt for wearing to the gym or during workouts, and features vibrant red and white screen-printed letters that read I got 99 Problems But a Bench Ain't One.  Wear it, share it or give it as a gift for that hard-to-please exercise enthusiast!

Clean, Jerk & Snatch

Clean, Jerk & Snatch T-ShirtNot for the timid or faint of heart, this in-your-face graphic tee is nicely suited for those looking to make a clear statement at the gym.  As one of our best-selling offensive t-shirts, it features an all font design that reads I Clean, I Jerk, I Have a Nice Snatch and is available in white and heather gray.  Wear it proudly while blasting away at the gym, or enrage onlookers at formal and social gatherings that cut into your valuable workout time.

Yoda, Lift Do You?

Yoda, Lift Do You T-ShirtWe have to believe that if Yoda were hitting the gym regularly, with all of his powers of mind and concentration, he would have a good shot at the Olympia.  In the meantime, we can still rub it in the faces of those smaller and punier by showing off this hilarious Yoda t-shirt.  It features a solid design of the 800 year old Jedi Master, asking "Lift even, do you bro?" in that way only he can pull off.  Wear it to the gym, to Comic Con, or wherever the force is needed.

Looking for more funny workout t-shirts?  Be sure to check out our complete collection of graphic tees, hoodies, tank tops and kids t-shirts.  Guerrilla Tees is proud to offer a massive selection of some of todays' funniest shirts, each one professionally screen printed using state of the art process and high-quality lightweight inks, for the ultimate in style and long lasting comfort.