Who doesn’t love a good Keep Calm shirt?  They're funny, they're informative, they remind people to chill out.  For those of you have been looking high and low for the Keep Calm parody shirt that defines you, we've assembled this little collection of our seven favorites.  So keep calm and read on, friends.

Keep Calm and LAX On

Keep Calm and LAX onLacrosse fans, if you're looking for an LAX shirt that tells people what you're all about, look no further.  Our Keep Calm and LAX On t-shirt will make an amazing gift for you or the Lacrosse player in your life, and has been designed in the guise of the Keep Calm t-shirts that are so popular today.  It's available in your choice of four colors and features the same font used on the original Keep Calm posters from Great Brittan.

Keep Calm and Drink On

Keep Calm and Drink OnAs one of the most popular selections in our line of Keep Calm t-shirts, this might be the perfect one for wearing to your next St Patrick's Day celebration, or any Irish family gathering.  It comes in a vibrant Irish green, complete with Shamrock graphic and the phrase Keep Calm and Drink On.  Sláinte!

Keep Calm Eh

Keep Calm and Drink OnAh, how we love us some Canada here at Guerrilla Tees.  And we think our friends to the north are going to enjoy this clever little Keep Calm shirt.  Presented in the same pantone red and white color scheme as the beloved Canadian flag, our Keep Calm Eh t-shirt will send a strong message while showing off your patriotic side.  Wear it at the firing range, at your favorite watering hole, event under a Tuxedo!

Keep Calm and Finish Him!

Keep Calm and Finish HimSelf-proclaimed Mortal Combat masters will be proud to wear this stylish Keep Calm shirt during long gaming sessions, or anywhere a little bragging rights are called for.  It features the phrase Keep Calm and Finish Him, along with a subtle and strategically-centered Mortal Combat-inspired logo.  It comes in vintage grey and is professionally screen printed using lightweight inks for exceptional wear, feel and looks.

Keep Calm and Pedal On

Keep Calm and Pedal OnOur Keep Calm and Pedal On t-shirt is so popular, we had to make it available in five distinctive colors.  Designed especially for cyclists, mountain bikers and even the most causal rider, this classy yet funny cycling t-shirt is perfect for wearing at the bike shop, after a long treacherous ride or any place where you feel like showing off your passion for pedaling.

Keep Calm and Game On

Keep Calm and Game OnLooking for an ironic gift for that high-strung gamer in your life?  Or maybe you're a gamer who's looking to make a confusing statement about your playing style.  No matter the reason, this is one of our favorite Keep Calm t-shirts and is perfect for anyone who loves being behind the controller.  It features the ubiquitous and highly-recognizable font, along with the phrase Keep Calm and Game On.  We think that says it all.

Keep Calm and Shred On

Keep Calm and Shred OnOk all you shredders out there, we've got a tastefully funny snowboarding t-shirt that you'll be proud to wear.  Our Keep Calm and Shred On t-shirt comes in four chill colors, and features a snowboarder pulling an sick frontside grab.  Like all Guerrilla Tees high-quality shirts, this one is made from premium, super soft materials and professionally screen printed graphics, using lightweight inks for maximum comfort and fit.

Looking for more funny sport t-shirts?  Be sure to check out our complete collection of graphic tees, hoodies, tank tops and kids t-shirts.  Guerrilla Tees is proud to offer a massive selection of some of todays' funniest shirts, each one professionally screen printed using state of the art process and high-quality lightweight inks, for the ultimate in style and long lasting comfort.