Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to expand your collection of hilarious golf graphic tees, or running short on unique golfing gift ideas, here are seven of our newest, funniest and most popular t-shirts for golfers with a sense of humor.


Layup Golf T-ShirtNot the type who opts for the easy way out?  We’ve got the perfect golf graphic tee to let the world know how much you love a challenge. The golf Layup t-shirt comes in silver with clean black graphics and lettering that reads, Layup??? What do you think this is, basketball?  It will keep you looking great on or off the course, and is a hole-in-one for anyone shopping unique golf gifts.


May the Forged Be With You T-ShirtMay the Forged Be With You

If you love Star Wars as much as you love getting out and swinging the driver, this golf mashup t-shirt is sure to become one of your favorite go-to tees.  Our May the Forged Be With You t-shirt features a golf-inspired play on the logo with a deep, black background and eye-catching visuals.  Wear it to golf shows, movie premiers or while enjoying a few cold ones at the clubhouse.


Make Sunday Great Again

Make Sunday Great Again t-shirtWhether you choose to wear this one proudly on the course, or give one as an ironic gift to a colleagues on the left, the Make Sunday Great Again t-shirt is sure to be an inspired and potentially-offensive addition to any graphic tee collection.  It comes in the oh-so familiar campaign red with clean white lettering and graphics, and a tagless neck for improved comfort.      


I Cleaned My Balls for This t-shirt I Cleaned My Balls for This?

Showing up to the golf course with filthy balls is as unsophisticated as it is lazy, and we’ve got the perfect shirt to help you remind onlookers.  The I Cleaned My Balls for This t-shirt was designed for those golfers with a slightly deranged sense of humor, and comes in rich black with white lettering and graphics.  Wear to it offend, inspire some laughs or just break the proverbial ice.  


F&%k Work Let’s Golf

F@#k Work Let’s Golf t-shirtWhen it comes to choosing between a day of meetings and deadlines, or a day of soaking in the sun and playing 18, there’s really no choice to make.  The F@#k Work Let’s Golf t-shirt is perfect for expressing what everyone else is thinking, and a controversially fun choice for wearing on casual Fridays.  It comes in royal blue with white lettering, and graphics that say it all.


Eat Sleep Golf t-shirtEat. Sleep. Golf.

As one of our most popular and best-selling men’s golf graphic tees, the Eat Sleep Golf t-shirt is a classic that’s perfect for wearing in virtually any laid back setting.  It comes in black, green or royal blue and features crisp white graphics with subtle underscored lettering.  Wear it to keep loose and looking fresh at the range, while out shopping for new gear or just hanging with your fellow golfers.


Fore Play

Fore Play t-shirtGreat for couples or anyone with a heightened sense of humor, our Fore Play t-shirt is one of the most recent additions to Guerrilla Tees’ collection of funny shirts for golfers.  It features a deep black design with vibrant white lettering and graphics, with a golf couple embedded in-between the word foreplay.  Wear it while enjoying drinks after a round or in any amorous setting.


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Guerrilla Tees has one of the best selections of funny golfer shirts for both men and women, and we’re always adding new designs.  Check out our Golf t-shirts section for more ideas, and be sure to come back often to see the latest designs and styles.