Have you been wearing the same old hunting shirts year after year?  Or maybe you're looking for original gift ideas for those hunting enthusiasts in your life?  No matter the reason, Guerrilla Tees has one of the best selections of hunting & outdoor tees for those looking to add a little humor to their wardrobe.  Here are eight of our most funny and popular hunting t-shirts.

Just Shoot It

Just Shoot it Hunting T-ShirtThere's nothing quite like a day hunting ducks in the great wide open.  Our Just Shoot It t-shirt is a perfect for duck hunting enthusiasts, and is sure to make a great gift for any true outdoorsman.  This funny duck hunting shirt comes in your choice of black or charcoal gray, and is constructed using soft, premium materials and lightweight inks for a perfect fit and long-lasting comfort.  Wear it to the lake, to the range or on those rugged camping expeditions.

Size Definitely Matters

Size Definitely Matters Hunting T-ShirtWhen it comes to hunting, we all know that size matters.  The size of your gun, the size of your kill, and the list goes on.  Here's a fun and easy way to show your fellow hunters what you're packing.  Our Size Definitely Matters t-shirt comes in your choice of four colors, and features a five-point buck aside the phrase Size Definitely Matters.  It's the perfect way to class it up at the lodge or during your next hunt!

Got Deer?

Got Deer? Hunting T-ShirtAre you a deer hunter with a knack for funny graphic tees?  If so, we think this one will make a nice addition to your collection of hunting attire.  Our Got Deer t-shirt comes in all-black with professionally screen printed white graphics, with the phrase Got Deer in a clean, easy-to-read font style.  It's guaranteed to make a great gift for hunting or outdoors enthusiasts, and serves as a perfect way to show the world your passion for deer hunting.

Big Buck Hunter

Big Buck Hunter Hunting T-ShirtIf you take your hunting seriously, and we mean Big Buck seriously, then you'll definitely want to have this classic graphic shirt in your repertoire.  The Big Buck Hunter t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees parodies the famous green and white coffee logo, and features a five-point buck locked and loaded in the crosshairs.  It will look great on your next expedition, or at the local bar while playing the Buck Hunter video game.

Keep Calm and Fish On

Keep Calm and Fish on Hunting T-ShirtWhat's that old saying about the worst day of fishing being better than the best day at work?  Here's a fishing-themed Keep Calm shirt that's perfect for wearing in the boat, on the dock or while sitting around the fire.  Our Keep Calm and Fish On t-shirt comes in your choice of black, charcoal gray or military green, and is professionally screen-printed on high-quality tee shirts using only the most choice materials.

Keep Calm and Hunt On

Keep Calm and Hunt onPatience is paramount when it comes to successful hunting, and we've got a shirt that reflects that perfectly.  Our Keep Calm and Hunt On t-shirt comes in varsity gray, featuring black graphics and the now famous font style.  A stylish line graphic of a five-point buck adds a nice finishing touch, making this hunting tee shirt a perfect gift for you or your outdoorsy loved ones.  Wear to the shooting range, hunting weekends, gun clubs or wherever a little calm is called for.


iPac Hunting T-ShirtIn these strange days, it never hurts to remind would-be criminals that you're not taking any chances.  Our popular iPac t-shirt is perfect for firearms enthusiasts, gun safety instructors, hunters or anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment.  We've made this stylish gun shirt available in black, charcoal gray, navy blue and military green, as well as a complete range of sizes.  Whether you take your firearms seriously or need a clever gift idea for the firearms owner in your life, this one is a direct hit.

I Like Big Bucks

I Like Big Bucks Hunting T-ShirtIf you're a big buck hunter with a semi-twisted sense of humor, this is one hunting t-shirt you're going to absolutely love.  It features a cleverly-designed (and slightly subliminal) graphic of buck antlers, along with the phrase I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie.  Perfect for wearing to the bar after a day of hunting, it's available in seven colors and a complete range of sizes.  Soft inks and professional screen-printed graphics ensure a soft comfortable fit and many years of wear.

Looking for more funny hunting t-shirts?  Be sure to check out our complete collection of graphic tees, hoodies, tank tops and kids t-shirts.  Guerrilla Tees is proud to offer a massive selection of some of todays' funniest shirts, each one professionally screen printed using state of the art process and high-quality lightweight inks, for the ultimate in style and long lasting comfort.