When it comes to causal graphic tees, few others impart the same visual appeal and ubiquitous nostalgia as those of a vintage motif.  Whether you’re longing for the old times or just keeping things ironic, here are some of Guerrilla Tees newest and most popular Vintage graphic t-shirts.

You’re My Boy, Blue!

You’re not officially Old School until you have something to commemorate the memory of ol’ Blue Pulaski. The You’re My Boy Blue t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is perfect for any die hard Will Ferrell fan or admirer of the cult classic, and comes in either white or gray with vintage blue graphics and font. Wear on movie night, at the bars or while acing your pledge exam.


Mandelbaum’s Gym

All aboard the pain train, because it’s officially GO time!  And just think how nifty you’ll look sporting the Mandelbaum’s Gym t-shirt while lifting the lightest barbells ever and hurling analog televisions way over your head.  This popular Seinfeld fan t-shirt is perfect for anyone who loves the show, as well as all you fitness enthusiasts who like keeping things fun at the gym.


Keep Calm and Game On

For all the real gamers out there who know that you can never have too much apparel, we think  you’ll find our Keep Calm and Game On t-shirt a fitting addition to your binge attire arsenal. It features an old school Nintendo controller along with super retro font design that’s sure to take you way back. It matches with virtually everything and comes in either white or gray.


Springfield Isotopes

Need the perfect graphic tee to help you bond with other Simpsons super fans?  The Springfield Isotopes t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees is one of our all-time most popular vintage TV shirts, and comes in your choice of varsity gray or light blue. It’s a great choice for Sunday nights, baseball games or binge watching, and makes a perfect gift for the most dedicated of fans.



Whether you’re a casual cycling enthusiast or a competitive distance rider, anyone who spends quality time on two wheels will appreciate the Penny Farthing bicycle of yesteryear. Our popular Cycologist t-shirt celebrates all things cycling and comes in five colors including black, charcoal, indigo, cardinal and navy.  Wear it proudly on your next long ride or while cooling down with the group.


Dapper Dan’s

There’s no measure too extreme when it comes to looking your most debonair. For the gentleman who embraces this philosophy with unwavering dedication, we think you’ll find our new Dapper Dan’s t-shirt a fitting choice for any social or laid back setting. It comes in soft Heather gray with vintage black graphics, making it perfect for keeping your look simple or gifting your exquisitely polished peers.


Classic Anchor Shirt

Whether you treasure your time on the high sea or are a fan of classic graphic vintage tees, our Classic Anchor t-shirt is the perfect union of timeless appeal and distinguished good looks.  A must for any sea-faring aficionado, this one comes in a light blue design with an unobtrusive anchor graphic over the left chest. It’s a keen choice for sailing days and makes a thoughtful gift for boat owners.


Freedom Machine

There’s nothing as liberating and exhilarating as hitting the road on your bike with no particular destination in sight. If this sounds familiar, we think you’ll love the Freedom Machine t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees. It comes in sport gray with vintage black graphics, for a clean simple look worthy of any long ride, roadside tavern or talking shop with fellow riders.


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Guerrilla Tees has been working hard to expand our line of funny vintage shirts for men and women, and we have many more designs that we know you’ll dig for sure. Check out the full collection to see other cool designs reminiscent of the good old days, or check out our newest graphic tees to see the latest and greatest!

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