What could be more fun than getting sloppy drunk, eating your fill of corned beef & cabbage and then picking a fist fight with your best friend?  Why... doing it all in one of these hilarious St Patty's Day t-shirts from Guerrilla Tees, of course!  Here are some of our newest drinking shirts, just in time for the Irish high holiday.

I Shamrock Beer

I Shamrock Beer T-ShirtWho doesn't love Shamrocks and Beer?  Well, maybe not in the same glass, but you get it.  This simple yet playful Irish drinking shirt is perfect for wearing out to the bars, to St Patty's Day parties or anywhere you feel like spreading some cheer.  It comes in all green with professionally screen-printed white graphics, perfect for showing your Irish spirit or given as a gift to your sweetheart!

Irish Drunk O' Meter

Irish Drunk O' Meter T-ShirtThis could very well be the perfect drinking shirt for St Patrick's Day.  The Irish Drunk O' Meter t-shirt comes in your choice of black or green, with screen printed white font/graphics, and a design that's sure to inspire lots of laughs among friends and onlookers.  It's also a great conversation starter when approaching fellow drunks at the bar or after hours parties!

St Patrick's Day Shirt

St Patrick's Day ShirtDesigned with a style that recalls the famed Guinness label, this subtle and surprisingly classy St Patrick's Day t-shirt is one you'll be able to wear proudly at least once per year.  Clean graphics give it a look that's appropriate for everything from bars to backyard parties, and it comes in your choice of black or green fabric with white font and logo.

Heineken Hadouken

Heineken Hadouken T-ShirtWhat's part gaming t-shirt, part drinking t-shirt and 100% awesome?  How about this Hadouken graphic tee, done respectfully in parody of one of the world's most awesome beers!  Now, true, this may be more appropriate for wearing on Dutch holidays, but the green overtones and proud beer theme make it a gem for your St Patty's Day festivities, too.

Irish AC/DC Parody Shirt

Irish AC/DC Parody ShirtIf you're Irish in addition to being a die-hard AC/DC fan, this shirt is a must have for St Patrick's Day.  It features the word Irish done in the same font and style as the unmistakable AC/DC logo, and is available in both green or black shirt colors.  Like all Guerrilla Tees, this one is professionally screen printed on soft t-shirts, for comfort and long-lasting durability.

Periodic Table of Beer

Periodic Table of Beer ShirtYou've done enough studying this week, why not catch up on some much needed social stimulation with this clever science-inspired drinking shirt.  Our Periodic Table of Beer t-shirt features custom graphics done in a scientific motif, along with a shamrock for good measure.  Wear it to class, to the lab, or at this year's St Patrick Day festivities.

Drinking Game Over

Drinking Game Over T-ShirtYou know when you've had enough… but do they?  Now there will be no surprises when you've had your fill, especially if you're sporting this funny binge drinking t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees.  Done in a classic vintage font and graphics reminiscent of those old 8-bit systems from the 80's, it features a guy puking and the phrase Game Over.  We think that says plenty.

Drinking Teamwork

Drinking Teamwork T-ShirtSometimes drinking requires a collaborative effort… like, say for example when you're staring down the barrel of a 10 foot beer bong and need the added stability.  Whether the scenario, we think you and your fellow drinking pals will get a good laugh from our Drinking Teamwork t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees, available in green or black.

Drinking for Three

Drinking for Three T-ShirtWhat happens when moms-to-be can't drink on St Patrick's Day?  Well, it looks like Dad is just going to have to pick up the slack.  If you're looking for a hilarious gift for an expecting Irish couple, this Drinking for Three t-shirt is perfect.  It comes in royal blue and features line art images along with the phrase, "She's eating for two, I'm drinking for three."

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