There’s no such thing as an event that just happened out of thin air. An enormous amount of planning and preparation go into events of all sizes, and if there’s one thing that commonly seems to unite them all, it’s the unmistakable use of custom printed materials to promote awareness, increase visibility, and send messages that are unmistakably clear. 

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Whether your organization or business routinely utilizes custom shirts, apparel, stickers or display banners, it’s vital to do your homework on the printing company you’re entrusting with your event’s most important visual presence. Here are a few questions to consider when deciding which printer to partner with for printed materials at upcoming events.

Are They Using Efficient, State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Equipment?

It’s difficult to believe that, in this highly-advanced age, there are still printers out there using grossly outdated technology and equipment that dates back decades. But it happens, making this one of the first things you should be asking your prospective printer about. Older process can result in delays, poor print quality and countless other snags.

Do They Have Dye Sublimation Experience and Technology?

More businesses and charitable organizations are actively seeking out custom apparel printed using dye sublimation technology.  This advanced process of dying materials at the molecular level yields products that are incredibly detailed and long-lasting.  But not all printers have the production capabilities or experience, so be sure to ask. 

How Extensive are Their Customization Options?

If the printer you’re considering only offers one or two stock materials, limited or non-existent embroidery options, or a catalog teeming with template designs that don’t impart any real distinction, consider reconsidering. Today’s best printing companies will offer diverse options in terms of materials, production styles, embroidery and others.

Strong Value Based on the Quality Offered?

If you’re paying a premium for superior-grade printed apparel and branding tools, we can’t overstate the importance of making sure that you get your money’s worth. If you’re local to the printer, ask them if it’s possible to see samples of their past work. If you’re ordering online, read reviews to see what others thought of their quality.

Learn More About Ordering Custom Apparel for Your Upcoming Event

If you’re a business, charity or professional organization in the event planning phase and concerned about finding an experienced commercial printer you can trust for your upcoming gathering, we at Guerrilla Tees invite you to learn more about what makes us a smart, reliable choice. Get in touch with the Guerrilla Tees staff via phone or email through our contact page!