Solo’s Garage

Solo’s Garage Star Wars T-ShirtIf Han can make an old Corellian freighter fast enough to make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, just imagine what he can do for your personal cruiser.  Just in time for the new Han Solo movie we’re excited to introduce the Solo’s Garage t-shirt.  It comes in varsity grey with clean black line art and lettering, featuring a Millennium Falcon and lettering which reads Can Fix Any Heap of Junk



Caged Alpha Wookie t-shirtCaged Alpha Wookie

If your love for craft beer is rivaled only by your passion for all things Star Wars, this is one graphic tee you’ll want to add to your rotation without delay. The Caged Alpha Wookie t-shirt features Chewbacca as the unofficial spokes-Wookie for Kashyyyk Pale Ale, with razor sharp graphics and a clean, simple look.  It’s perfect for wearing to viewing parties, movie premiers or just cruising the galaxy.



Han Yang

Han Yang Star Wars T-ShirtIf you’re the Star Wars fan with a penchant for all things Feng Shui, we think you’ll love our new Han Yang t-shirt.  It features a millennium falcon in the design of a Yin Yang, and is set on a varsity gray fabric with clean black graphics.  This one is perfect for wearing to the premier of the new Han Solo movie, or any setting where you feel like upping the Zen.  Add it your collection or gift a spiritually-minded friend!  



Distressed Boba Star Wars T-ShirtDistressed Boba

What would Han be without his old arch nemesis Boba Fett?  The Distressed Boba t-shirt features an oversized distressed portrait of the legendary bounty hunter, with a vintage feel and stunning artistic detail.  It’s a great choice for any Star Wars themed event, and makes an awesome gift. Every real fan needs a go-to Boba Fett shirt in their rotation, and we're confident that this one will do the job nicely!    



Mos Eisley

Star Wars Mos Eisley t-shirtWhether added to your own collection of Star Wars t-shirts or purchased as a gift for hardcore fans, the Star Wars Mos Eisley t-shirt is outstanding for fans of every age and background!  It features a clean, stylish graphic of the now famed Mos Eisley Cantina Band leader, and is a guaranteed way to spark up interesting conversations with fellow fans and patrons at your own local Star Wars bar.      



Rebel Alliance IPA t-shirtRebel Alliance

The Rebellion’s tried-and-true know better than to settle for whatever watered-down Empire-sponsored swill comes their way. After a long stint of fighting for galactic freedom, they prefer an ice-cold mug of locally-sourced craft ale. And now you can show your support by ordering the ever-so-stylish Rebel Alliance IPA t-shirt. It’s the perfect mashup tee shirt for beer enthusiasts who love their Sci-Fi.



Forest Moon

Forest Moon Star Wars Parody T-ShirtWhether you're out sipping your favorite white ale, or watching the new Han Solo movie with friends and fellow fans, we can't think of a better mashup shirt. The Forest Moon t-shirt merges the beloved Blue Moon label with a clear view from the surface of Endor.  An under-construction Death Star looms ominously in the back, with lettering that reads Ewok Stout, Endor Brewing Company.