If you're anything like other holiday shoppers, you've likely struggled to find the perfect present for that one person who has everything. Before you go the gift card route, again, we thought it would be fun to share some ideas on how to really wow them this year. It may be getting chilly outside, but graphic hoodies could not be any hotter!

Here are some reasons to consider giving a funny hoody from Guerrilla Tees, along with a few of our most popular hoodie gift suggestions.

graphic holiday hoodies

Funny Hoodies For Gamers

Gift shopping for some gamers is easy… especially if they like everything and anything related to gaming. For some, though, this is a daunting chore. Many gamers are loyal to a tiny handful of titles, and the moment something new comes out, they buy it. Regardless of where you stand in the gifting spectrum, Guerrilla Tees has plenty of options. Our Eat Sleep Game Hoodie is guaranteed to impress those who love their video games. Shopping for a D&D player? Surprise them with a stylish D20 Dungeons and Dragons Hoodie to keep warm on those frigid quests.

Hoodie Gifts for TV & Movie Enthusiasts

Now, this one can be tricky, especially if they have limited or eccentric taste in television and film. Fortunately, some graphic hoodies serve as a bit of a catch-all for those bonafied media junkies out there. Our Project Mayhem Hoodie is perfect for the guy who lives and plays by his own rules, while our popular Shake and Bake Hoodie is a hilarious way to say thanks or I love you to fans of Talladega Nights or Will Ferrell. If you're looking for something specific, check out our TV/Movie section for more ideas.

Car, Racing and JDM Hoodies

For JDM and racing fans without the spoils of a heated garage, it can get downright chilly turning wrenches and tuning things up during the winter months. And since even attempting to surprise them with parts is out of the question, we have a sick collection of car and JDM hoodies. Are they always talking about their turbo?  If so, our Boosted Turbo Charger Hoodie will not disappoint. If you're not sure what they're into specifically, our Tuning is Not a Crime Hoodie is a safe and stylish way to go.

Need More Hoodie Gift Ideas?

Guerrilla Tees is always working to expand our collection of funny, clever and offensive hoodies, so be sure to browse them all for more ideas. Looking for something special? Get in touch and we'll see if we can bring your vision to life!