Even the most creative gift-givers can struggle when it comes to finding the perfect gift for those who have everything.  If you're shopping for someone with a slightly twisted sense of humor, the task can be even more daunting.  Because seriously, what do you buy for someone who, for example, is really into Lacrosse, Phish, JDM Racing, or even semi-professional binge drinking?

That's where custom t-shirts come through as the perfect gift idea.  At Guerrilla tees we offer a huge line of custom t-shirts for men and women with interesting tastes, hobbies and mindsets.

  • Lacrosse t-shirts
  • Offensive t-shirts
  • JDM racing shirts
  • Hoodies and tank tops
  • Phish t-shirts
  • Sports t-shirts
  • Hunting & Fishing t-shirts
  • Custom screen printed shirts

Racing Tee Shirts

Illest Racing T-ShirtUnless you're an expert in things like engines, drifting and JDM modifications, you might not want to attempt buying car parts for racing fans.  Chances are it will end up sitting on a shelf or being awkwardly returned.  A much safer option is a hilarious JDM shirt for the racing enthusiast in your life.  Guerrilla Tees has one of the best selections of custom JDM shirts in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes that are sure to be get a much better response.

Funny LAX Shirts

LAX Bro T-ShirtIf you have a Lacrosse player in your life, you don’t need us to remind you how seriously they take their game.  But there tends to be a very limited market for LAX gift options, and that can make it frustrating trying to surprise them.  Why not play it safe and get them a shirt that appeals to their highly competitive attitude, while rubbing it in the faces of their opponents?  We have no doubt that they'll love our awesome inventory of funny Lacrosse t-shirts.

Beer & Drinking Shirts

Just Shoot It Duck T-ShirtSometimes you just need the right shirt for the right drinking occasion.  Whether it's celebrating on St. Patrick's Day, a weekend pub crawl or a not-so-typical night out with friends, the right shirt can serve as the perfect icebreaker or make a bold statement about your personality.  At Guerrilla Tees we know how much our customers love to stand out, which is why we're constantly coming up with funny drinking shirts for celebrations of every stripe.

Be sure to check out our complete line of custom t-shirts when you're shopping for creative gift ideas.  We're always adding new designs, and can even screen print your personalized shirt designs if you've got something extra special in mind.