Whether you’re the earthy, organic type who’s dedicated to keeping their temple clean, or a hard working farmer who loves their t-shirts as much as they love a good harvest, here are 7 of Guerrilla Tees most popular Organic and Farming graphic tee shirts.


Eat Local NY

Eat Local NY t-shirtNY is famed for its local cuisine and we’ve got the perfect graphic tee for those who believe in keeping their meals close to home. The Eat Local NY t-shirt features a soft, black Heather design with ultra-cool graphics that are perfect for wearing at your favorite local café, while out for a drink or as a gift for your farm-to-table faring friends  


Local Is Growing t-shirtLocal is Growing

A customer favorite and absolutely suitable for any laid back social setting, the Local Is Growing t-shirt is one you’ll be delighted to reach for when heading out.  Done on a super soft Heather green fabric, this one features vintage dark-green graphics and clean lettering that’s as stylish as it is inspiring.  Wear it while tending the earth or out sipping a cold one!


Eat Organic

Eat Organic t-shirtOur Eat Organic t-shirt is a worthy addition to the wardrobe of anyone committed to leading a healthier, more natural lifestyle, as well as those into environmental awareness, farm to table and other respectable issues. Give one as a gift to health-minded loved ones, or just treat yourself to a new t-shirt that shows the world you care.     


I Dig Gardening t-shirtI Dig Gardening

With its earth tone color scheme and eye-catching graphic lettering, here’s a graphic tee for all those who love getting down and dirty in the garden.  The I Dig Gardening t-shirt features some clever wordplay and graphics, making it ideal for wearing while out digging, planting or just hanging with your fellow organic enthusiasts.


Keep Calm and Farm On

Keep Calm and Farm On t-shirtAnyone who lives or loves the farming lifestyle knows the serenity that comes from spending your days working with Mother Earth.  Now you can share the bliss with friends old and new in our Keep Calm and Farm On t-shirt.  It comes in your choice of charcoal or bright green with yellow graphics, making it suitable for wearing on the tractor or while out and about.  


Life is Better in the Country T-ShirtLife is Better in the Country

Does it get any better than country living?  The fresh air, the unspoiled views… it’s something everyone should experience in their life.  So whether you’re the country type stuck in the city, or living the dream somewhere far-removed from the madness, our Country Life t-shirt is one that will look good in just about any social setting.


Who’s Your Farmer?

Who’s Your Farmer t-shirtWe designed this graphic tee especially for the farmer with a blatantly playful sense of humor.  Our Who’s Your Farmer t-shirt is perfect for anyone who embraces the country lifestyle, and comes in deep black with earthy green lettering and graphics.  It’s sure to keep you comfortable and looking sharp while unwinding after a long day.



Check out our full collection of funny Organic and Farming t-shirts for more ideas and be sure to follow Guerrilla Tees on social media for contests, specials and other fun perks!   Have an idea for a design of your own?  Get in touch with our team and let us know what you have in mind!