Whether you’re shopping for the golfer with a warped sense of humor, or just looking to make an entirely new statement while out working on your up-and-down, we have a collection of hilarious golfing tee shirts that are sure to provide a much welcome break from the norm. They’re perfect for wearing off the course or at the clubhouse, and are undeniably unique gifts for golfers!

Funny Golf Shirts

Caddyshack Golf T-shirts

Caddyshack Golf T-shirtsThere have been some legendary Caddyshack shirts designed over the decades. So as fellow super fans of one of the greatest golf movies ever made, Guerrilla Tees is committed to keeping the genre evolving. Some of our newest and fan-favorited Caddyshack shirts include our Be The Ball t-shirt and the ever popular Rumble at Bushwood graphic tee. For those who love the famed quote, check out our Thank You Very Little t-shirt.

Golf Wordplay T-shirts

Golf Wordplay T-shirtsNever underestimate the power of a good put, or a good pun for that matter. If you or your loved one are the type who appreciate a good golf-related play on words, we’ve got you covered. Our Don’t Text and Drive shirt, as well our Golf Tee Shirt from Guerrilla Tees are perfect for any audience. For those in a more playful mindset,  we think you’ll appreciate our popular I’d Tap That t-shirt.

Tastefully Offensive Graphic Golf T-shirts

Tastefully Offensive Graphic Golf T-shirtsWho says you have to dress in clichés just so the others in your foursome won’t be offended? Or maybe you’ve been coaxed into a corporate golf outing with a team of coworkers you can’t stand? We have just the thing for them. Paired up in a round with the boss? How about our F**k Work Let’s Golf t-shirt? The Chicks Dig the Long Ball shirt and our I Like Big Putts t-shirt are great for making a more direct statement.

See More Humorous Golf T-Shirts!

These are just a handful of the designs we offer when it comes to ironic, offensive and hilarious golfer shirts. See them all by checking out our Golf T-Shirts page, and come back often to see our most recently added designs!