New Game of Thrones T-shirts

If there’s one good thing about the agonizingly long wait for new Game of Thrones seasons to premier, it’s that it gives us ample time to design and produce a generous supply of new GoT graphic tees. So for our fellow diehards who believe in keeping their apparel as fresh as the plot, Guerrilla Tees is proud to showcase some of our most recently introduced Game of Thrones t-shirt designs.


I Drink and I Know Things shirtsI Drink and I Know Things

If this is just what you do, then you need to have this GoT graphic tee in your regular rotation.  It features Tyrion’s famed quote amidst the Lannister House sigil, with medieval lettering in, of course, gold.  This one’s perfect for wearing to the bars, parties or viewing events with other fans, and will serve as an awesome gift idea for those who love the show.


Stark Targaryen: Make Westeros Great Again

Stark Targaryen: Make Westeros Great Again shirtWesteros is rife with political corruption, class division, crime, lackluster healthcare and a Queen who’s hell-bent on ruling through unconditional power.  It’s time someone stood up for the people of Westeros and fixed that broken, broken system.  Here’s a Game of Thrones shirt you can wear with pride to show your support for real change among the Realm and Seven Kingdoms.



Damn It Feels Good to Be a Lannister shirtDamn It Feels Good to Be a Lannister

Castles, stockpiles of gold, a seemingly endless supply of wine, basement full of Wild Fire… what’s not to love about being born into Royalty?  So whether you’re looking to annoy fellow fans or show your love for House Lannister, we think you’re really going to enjoy showing this one off.  It features a clean design with timeless lettering, and a touch of graphic bling for good measure.



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We make no effort to hide our love for GoT, and we’re always working on new designs help our fans do the same.  Check out our complete collection of Thrones graphic tees, as well as our other popular movie and TV shirts.  Have an idea for one of your own?  Contact us to learn more about creating your own custom t-shirt!