Looking for the perfect t-shirt for your next super-casual wine tasting?  Need an ironically funny shirt for wearing to the gym or while on your daily run?  Shopping for funny wine gifts?  We’ve got your covered.  Check out these playful wine t-shirts and tank tops from Guerrilla Tees!


Running Wine

Running Out of Wine Women’s Tank TopWhether you’re an exercise enthusiast who loves her wine, or a wine aficionado who prefers lifting a glass to lifting weights, we think you’re going to enjoy wearing our Running Out of Wine women’s tank top. It’s done in silver with black lettering and graphics and perfect for wearing to the gym, yoga classes or while sipping a new vintage.


Wine Down T-ShirtWine Down

If your idea of relaxation involves a glass or three or something from the vines, the Wine Down t-shirt is one you’re sure to enjoy wearing.  It comes in a rich black design with distinctive graphics and retro two-toned lettering, and a classic women’s tee shirt cut for perfect wear and comfort.  Wear it to tastings, after a long day or while out with the gals.


Instead of Complaining, I Just Wine

I Just Wine t-shirtThere’s no shame in admitting that wine, on occasion, helps in keeping you grounded. Our I Just Wine t-shirt is an ideal choice for so many of life’s more character-building moments, and perfect for wearing after work, at wine tastings or while sipping a glass at home.  It comes in black with bright two-toned graphics and lettering


Run Now Wine Later Tank-TopRun Now, Wine Later

What's the perfect reward for any gal after a long run?  Wine, of course!  Our Run Now Wine Later tank-top is perfect for the lady who loves a good workout just as much as she loves her wine. It comes in purple with a bold, eye-catching graphic font design that’s perfect on the trails, at the track or while bellied up at your local watering hole.



Novinophobic t-shirtDoes the sight of an empty bottle make you nervous? Your friends at Guerrilla Tees understand, completely. Our Novinophobic t-shirt has become a favorite among those who love their wit as much as they love their wine. It comes in Cardinal Red with white graphics, and is sure to look good at your next girl’s night out, wine tasting or support group meeting.


Save the Whinos t-shirtSave the Whinos

If you're that gal who loves her wine as much as she loves supporting animal rights, our Save the Whinos t-shirt was likely destined to find its way into your casual rotation. With clever wordplay and a design that's one part classy and one part silly, this wine-inspired t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees will make a great gift for you or your beloved lush.


Looking for more ideas and witty inspiration?  Be sure to check out Guerrilla Tees' full collection of women's graphic tees, including our most popular women's workout t-shirts, tank tops and many others.  Got an idea for an original shirt of your own design?  Get in touch and we'll make it happen!