Whether you’re a hardcore D&D enthusiast or shopping for who seems to have everything, few things are as fun as a Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt from your friends at Guerrilla Tees!  We’re fans too, and have gone to great lengths in creating some of the best D&D tee shirt designs out there.  Here are just a few of our favorite and most popular!

Run D&D

Run D & D T-Shirt The Run D & D t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees continues to be a fan favorite, and is suitable for quest night or any social setting you can dream up. It features a tastefully respectable mock graphic featuring the phrase Run D&D with a little dragon design flare, and comes in your choice of either black or charcoal gray. Perfect for gamers, music lovers and anyone with a keen sense of style!

D20 Atom

D20 Atom T-ShirtHere's a D&D Dungeon Master t-shirt that will assist you while navigating your guild through perilous quests, or while hanging with friends after a long day of adventure. As one of our most popular D&D shirts, the D20 Atom t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees comes in either all-black or navy blue, featuring graphics of a 20 sided die in an atomic motif.  It turns heads everywhere, so treat yourself or give the perfect gift for Dungeon and Dragons fans.

Crit Happens

Crit Happens T-ShirtAnyone who's thrown their share of D20s knows about the dreaded critical fail all too well, and it's never a pretty scene. The Crit Happens t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees features a stylish medieval font alongside a red D20, with lettering that’s eye-catching and easy-to-read. It comes in your choice of gray or black, with red lettering.  It’s perfect who those who love staying comfortable during long sessions, and also makes a great gift for D&D fans!

Women’s Choose Your Weapon Wisely

Choose Your Weapon Wisely D&D Ladies T-shirtOur Choose Your Weapon Wisely D&D ladies t-shirt is sure to make a stellar addition to your wardrobe and is perfect for wearing on quests, hanging out afterwards, or just chilling at home. It comes in navy blue with white gothic lettering and graphics featuring six dice. Shopping for a girl who loves the D&D? A Dungeons and Dragons shirt from Guerrilla Tees always makes a great gift choice!

Women’s Yeah They’re Natural

Yeah They're Real Ladies D&D T-ShirtLadies, need an easy way to keep the boys distracted while doing battle? Or maybe you're just looking for a more risqué way to show your love for all things D & D. Either way, we think you'll look amazing in our Yeah They're Real ladies D&D t-shirt. This stylish yet playful Dungeons & Dragons ladies graphic tee comes in black with blood-red graphics and lettering, and a pair of spectacular D20s that are impossible to miss. Wear it while playing, socializing or give one as a gift to your favorite Rogue, Elf or Sorceress.

When the DM Smiles

Dungeon Master Smiles T-Shirt If you’re the type of Dungeon Master who enjoys having a good laugh at the expense of overconfident quest dwellers, we have just the graphic D&D shirt for you. The Dungeon Master Smiles t-shirt from Guerrilla Tees features a cleverly designed graphic motif, with lettering that reads When the DM Smiles it’s already too late. This is a must have for DM’s with a sinister sense of humor, and will make a great gift idea for D&D players of every level.

To see more ideas for yourself and gifting, check out our full selection of funny D&D shirts to browse them all!