What could be more fun and reaffirming than wearing a hilarious Irish t-shirt to help celebrate the high holiday?  Whether you're tired of wearing the same old St Patty's shirt, or you're hell-bent on outdoing everyone in your group this year, here are 10 St Patrick's Day shirts that will keep you looking festively fresh while out celebrating.

St Patrick's Day shirts

Irish Yoga

Here's the perfect St Patrick's Day shirt for health-minded folks who like to treat themselves to an annual bender each March.


If you're good at visibly hiding your level of intoxication, our Drunk-o-Meter shirt will ensure that no one in the bar has any doubts.

I'm Magically Delicious

From sparking up perverted conversations to showing your love for all things Lucky Charms, this is one of our favorite St Patrick's Day shirts.

So Irish My Liver Hurts

No stereotypes here, that's for sure.  But if you're really looking to emphasize the depth of your Irish heritage, this graphic tee will work nicely.

Irish You Were Beer

Sure, it might be a little cliché, but who doesn't appreciate some good wordplay when you're loading up on holiday-inspired ale?

St Patrick's Day Guinness

For all you Guinness drinkers out there, here's a clever play on the famed logo in a perfect Emerald green for St Patrick's Day.

Drink Local

Our Drink Local t-shirts have been a huge hit year after year, and we think they're perfect for showing your love for the local watering hole.

Periodic Beer

Are you outrageously smart or friends with someone whose intelligence blows your mind?  They'll feel right at home in this intelligent Irish drinking tee.

Erin Go Bragh

No fancy one-liners, no sarcasm to try and figure out.  Just a clean, unique and eye-catching t-shirt for inspiring some nostalgia of good Ol' Ireland.

Keep Calm and Drink On

This drinking t-shirt unites three of our most popular graphic tee categories… Keep Calm, Drinking, and Irish Green.

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