Funny Summer T-Shirts

You need to look pretty far to find someone who doesn't love a good summer outing with friends, family or other scrupulous cohorts.  Deciding what to wear to said outings can be a bit tricky, though.  For some it's all about comfort and the elements, while others are more concerned with making a statement, standing out, or catching the eye of like-minded others. Whatever your intentions may be, we at Guerrilla Tees are doing everything we can to keep you looking good and feeling comfy during the hot summer months. 

Here are just a few reasons why funny t-shirts serve as the ideal garb for any outdoor summer gathering.

Meet Interesting Strangers Who Share Similar Interests

Graphic tee shirts, bar none, remain one of the most effortless and effective ways to strike up new friendships and alliances with people who "get" you.  In addition to keeping you looking fresh, they can be especially helpful for those who lack ice-breaking skills, as many are designed to do the initial talking for you.  Some of Guerrilla Tees most popular summer categories include graphic tank tops, music shirts and, of course, a respectable collection of side-splitting beer & drinking shirts.

Showcase Your Funny, Twisted or Offensive Side

Graphic tees are unique in their ability to broadcast your interests and character qualities to groups small and large, all without the need for a lot of pointless small talk.  It takes nothing more than a casual stroll to the bar or bathroom to let others know what you're all about, and who can't use more friends, right? Any graphic t-shirts enthusiast will be the first to tell you, it's not uncommon to have attractive others stop you for a closer read.  We're just saying.

A Clever Way to Spark Heated Debates & Discussions

If you're passionate about a particular subject, regardless of the topic, you know the struggle in finding others who are willing to engage in intelligent and/or physically-demanding discussions.  We make it easy to draw the attention of those who have issues with your unique line of thinking.  Check out Guerrilla Tees' online catalog of offensive t-shirts, and make every summer outing one with the real potential for madness.

Browse & Shop Guerrilla Tees Full Line of Funny Summer T-shirts

Before you mindlessly drape yourself in another polo or plain-tee, we strongly encourage you to browse our catalog of graphic t-shirts to find one that perfectly complements your summer drinking adventures.

Got an idea for an original summer t-shirt design?  We offer custom tee shirt printing at low rates with fast turnaround.