The weather's cooling down, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing colors, and that can only mean one thing…  hoodie season is finally here!  Now, we're the first to admit that custom graphic t-shirts are great.  But when the mercury begins to drop, there's nothing quite like slipping on a super soft hoodie for some outdoor fun in the cool fall weather. 

JDM, Illest Hoodie

Buy JDM, Illest HoodieThis JDM hoodie is perfect for in the garage, racing at the track or when showing off your ride at local events.  It features the illest logo in bold white letters, professionally screen-printed for detail and long lasting wear.  Wear it proudly and let your fellow racing enthusiast know who's really in charge.  This stylish hoodie is also a great gift idea for JDM  fans or anyone who loves pushing their vehicle's performance to the limit.

Boston Strong, Boston Bruins Hoodie

Buy Boston Bruins Strong HoodieLooking for a unique gift idea for that hardcore Boston Bruins fan in your life?  Or maybe you're just looking for a new way to show your love when at the stadium or outside braving the cold.  You don't need an excuse to wear this Boston Strong hoodie with pride.  It features the Boston Bruins logo with words Boston Strong professionally screen printed across the front, and is available in sizes ranging from Small to XXXL.

Boston Strong, Boston Red Sox Hoodie

Buy Boston Red Sox Strong HoodieRed Sox fans, this one is especially for you.  As one of our most popular Boston Red Sox hoodies, it features a clean design of the Red Sox logo, accompanied by the word Strong directly underneath.  Show the world that you're proud to hail from one of America's greatest baseball cities.  Like all of our premium hoodies, it's made from soft, superior materials with professional screen-printed designs for a high end look and feel that will last.

I'm Single Hoodie

Buy I'm Single HoodieHere's a JDM racing hoodie that gets right to the point.  Whether you're looking to catch the attention of fans and onlookers, or just feel like bragging about what's under the hood, this clever JDM hoodie is guaranteed to get some looks.  It features the words I'm Single, with a creative turbo boost added for design flare.   Wear it on weekends, while showing off your car, or at local racing events.

Boosted Hoodie Turbo Snail Hoodie

Buy Boosted Hoodie Turbo ChargerOur Boosted Snail hoodie is a must-have for any JDM racing fan, and will make a great gift for that difficult-to-shop-for car enthusiast.  It features a clean graphic of a Turbo Snail with the word Boosted built in to the design, and has been professionally screen-printed to ensure superior quality and long life.  It's constructed from soft yet durable materials, and available in sizes ranging from small to 3X.

DaVinci Drummer Hoodie

Buy DaVinci Drummer HoodieSearching for the perfect gift for a drummer in your life? In a band and looking for a truly one of a kind shirt to wear during those chilly garage jams?  We've got you covered. Our DaVinci Drummer hoodie features the Italian mathematician, slash artist, slash inventor rocking out on a 7 pc double-bass kit.  Whether you play drums or need a gift idea for someone who does, this one is a sure bet.  Like all of our custom hoodies, the DaVinci Drummer Man in Motion hoodie is professionally screen-printed and made from soft, comfy materials.

Owned Turbo Racing Hoodie

Buy Owned Turbo Racing HoodieLooking for a slightly sarcastic way to get inside the heads of your competitors?  Our Owned Hoodie is sure to make a big statement at the track, at car shows or even while turning wrenches on your prized ride.  It features the word Owned in bold, professionally-screen printed letters, with a Turbo Booster graphic built into the design.  This JDM turbo hoodie is constructed from soft, high quality materials to ensure comfort and many years of well-deserved bragging rights.

Project Mayhem Hoodie

Buy Project Mayhem HoodieThe first rule of Project Mayhem is that you do not ask questions.  When it comes to this Fight Club hoodie, the only question you'll need to ask is, what size?  Our movie hoodies continue to be best sellers, and this one is no exception.  It features the words Project Mayhem in big, vibrant screen printed lettering, using an aged font to give it a nice vintage look.  Premium materials give it a soft, comfortable feel that will wear well for years.

VW Stealie Hoodie

Buy VM Stealie HoodieShopping for a Grateful Dead fan?  Looking for something wear around the campfire?  Or how about something comfortable for those road trips in the VW bus?  Our Stealie Hoodie is perfect for hanging out with friends, wearing to concerts, or just lounging around the pad.  It features a vintage Stealie skull graphic with VW integrated in the design, on soft materials that make it super comfortable and perfect for those long jam sessions.