If we asked you to name your favorite t-shirt, you know, that one graphic tee that always seems to be your go-to when comfort matters most, you can probably visualize it in a split second.  But why?  What is it about our favorite shirts that make them so comfy and cozy?  It may sound a bit cliché but the simple truth is that not all t-shirts are created equal.  Creating the kind of shirt you want to wear more than any other in your wardrobe doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it come from the hands of those who don’t have a passion for their craft.  

As a company known for creating some of the most comfortable graphic tees in the industry, Guerrilla Tees thought it would be helpful to overview some of the measures we take to offer a line of super-soft tees that look great and last long, all while inspiring a smile or chuckle along the way.  

Premium Cotton

Of the many traits which make for a super comfy t-shirt, it all starts with the quality of cotton used.  Whether we’re talking about a 100% cotton tee or a cotton/polyester blend, proper cotton treatment plays a weighty role in the finished product.  The more thoroughly cotton is combed and fluffed, or airlumed, the straighter the materials will become.  This results in smoother yarn and ultimately a softer, more comfortable feel.     

Thread Count & Singles

Single strands, or thread count in t-shirt speak, is another critical factor that determines how soft or coarse the finished shirt will be.  Many are familiar with this from having purchased sheets and bedding in the past, as the concept is identical. The higher the number of individual strands—or singles—the smoother the resulting fabric will be.  At Guerrilla Tees all of our products require a minimum of 30 single threads, combed and ring spun to yield materials that are as soft as they are durable.  By comparison, traditional tees use between 18 and 20 singles.    

Fashion Fit

You know that moment when you slip on a new t-shirt and realize that’s nothing more than cheap, poorly-fitting garbage?  That’s result of a t-shirt maker who put little to no effort into making sure that you’re happy with your purchase.  Guerrilla Tees designs shirts with a more modern cut, to ensure a perfect fit and soft wear.  This includes a better chest-to-waist taper, enhanced cotton treatment, a more relaxed shoulder drop and other innovative design tactics.   


To a t-shirt lover, few things are a painful as having to toss your favorite tee on account of a faded, unrecognizable design.  At Guerrilla Tees, we impart the best practices, technology and materials to ensure that your favorites don’t end up in the trash before their time.  Our screen printing process utilizes ultra-soft inks and high thread-count materials, allowing us to create beautifully detailed designs that stay soft and last for extended periods of time.  

The Guerrilla Tees Guarantee

At Guerrilla Tees, we love making t-shirts that people will love, period.  And while we rarely hear any complaints, each member of our team stands firmly behinds every product we sell.  Whether it’s a shirt that doesn’t fit your frame right or a design that you’re just not crazy about, we will make it right.  If you ever have concerns about something you purchased from us, get in touch and let us know.

To learn more about our full line of products, browse our ever-expanding collection of shirts, hats, hoodies and custom apparel for men and women.  Have an idea for a custom design that’s all your own?  We make it easy to create your own t-shirt, check out our Online Design Studio to get started!